What’s next at Glebe Farm?


This is a relatively quiet time on our farm – the cattle are in the barn and need daily care and the sheep need checking each day – they are happily grazing the grass and hopefully they are all expectant ewes now!

Lambing will get underway in the middle of March…there is always something to do on our farm especially when you have livestock – however there is a noticeably slower pace for a while – the nights closing in means daddy is in for teatime, bathtime, story time and tv evenings in front of the fire! We cherish the quiet spell. It has been a very hectic summer and autumn.

March – that takes me to our next Pick Your Own event – daffodils!! Rows of beautiful daffodils – bright yellows, white ones, pale yellow, multi -headed ones all waving in the wind! There is no lovelier sight after the drudgery of winter. I think this is why our PYO daffodils has been so popular – it brings a wonderful sense of hope and new growth.

Keep an eye out for my next blog about our daffodil patch… coming soon!

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  1. Love these articles ! So good to hear the glebe farm lastest !
    Well done , no wonder it’s popular , you’ve created a fantastic outdoor experience for all to enjoy !

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